Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here's the little guy along the side of the tank. From this angle, it looks like there is 2 of him. Wonder what he sees?
Don't know what kind of betta he is yet.
Just found out he is a Veil Tail betta, known to be a hardy regular pet store betta. Only time will tell.
Keep your fingers crossed, we can hold on to this one.

Another photo of our new betta. Hope he begins to like his new home.
Well, we are trying for the third time on a betta. This time we got it from our local "bird" store which carries tropical fish. One thing different about this one, no name yet, is he wanted to eat right as soon as I got him in the 3 gal tank! He ate about 3 betta bites and mabe a flake or two. I was observing him after I put him in, and he was trying to eat some of the vegetation I had in there, so thought he might as well get some of the right food!

I found out he is a veil tail betta, a common fish store betta that is usually hardier than the more fancy type. Let's hope so.

The other two, that didn't make it, never seemed to want to eat. But this one sure did. Time will tell.
The first one didn't las 24 hours, the second one lasted about a week. So, we'll see what this guy does.

Well here is another photo of our new betta. Don't have a name for him yet.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another catch of the day, June 23, 2009. Our new female betta. Didn't know it was a female until after we got home and saw the name on the lid of the betta container which said female betta! Oh well, too late to take it back, pet shop over 37 miles one way. Our first betta, a male, died within 3 day of bringing it home several weeks ago. So, I guess we'll see how this one will do. So far, she seems to like her new home. It's in a 3 gal Eclipse.
Went fishing today, Jun 23, 2009, and here are 3 of the Glowlight tetras in the corner of my 5 gal bow tank. There is another one around somewhere, got 4 of them. These little guys are all over the place, darting here and there. When first put in the tank they quickly found some hiding places....a hollow log and a hollow barrel. Neither can be seen in this photo.

Here are 3 pictures of some guppies we added to our 20 gal long tank. You have to look pretty close as they are fairly small. Upper left, one is at the top middle. In bottom left, one is in front of the white stone. In the bottom right, we'll let you hunt!

We got 2 males and 2 females with one of the females about to give birth, according to the pet shop in Lake City, FL.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My 20 gal long tank with what live plants I have and artificial plants plus decorations. I added another 10 pounds of gravel. Now to wait until it cycles completely and it will be ready for some fish.

Here is my 5 gal mini bow tank all ready to go with both live plants and artificial ones. Now, to figure out what species of fish to put in this one.

Here's my betta tank with it's final layout with both live and artificial decorations. Added a bit more gravel and live floating plants. Now, to wait until I get a betta!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Here is a picture of the new betta we just bought. Unfortunately they are a little out of focus. Will try again later. He is what is known as a crowntail betta.

Here's a photo of a green plant that I cannot ID. Hopefully I'll find out what it is. The pet shop owner didn't know what it was.
Since first posting this, the plant is a Pennywort. This plant can be either rooted in the substrate or used as a floating plant My fish guru, as I call her, says this plant, as a floating plant would be great in the betta tank. So, I guess that's where it will go. My thanks to Dawn Moneyhan, my fish guru, for all the help she has given me. It's not a plant that is easy to grow.

Here's a look at the new cave I obtained today while visiting a new pet store in Lake City, FL about 37 miles from us. Was very impressed with their aquarium supplies, fish, plants, etc. They seem to know their fish and care for them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My 5 gal tank with an Amazon sword plant and a Palm filter which will be replaced with a Foster & Smith bio system power filter.

A photo of my 3 gal Eclipse which will be my betta tank. The plant is one of the anubias I got. Only temporarily placed in the tank for now.

A photo of 2 anubias plants I got.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here's my 5 gal betta tank, all ready for some live plants and the betta. Just got the artifical decorations in today May 14, 2005/

Here's my 3 gal Eclipse temporarily set up, waiting for some live plants and 2 or 3 fish to be added. Set up May 14, 2009.

Today, 5/14, 2009, I got some artificial plants and decorations in so I added them to my 20 gal long tank. At least it adds a little color while awaiting to get some live plants.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A closeup of the new aquarium just freshly filled. Have everything running except the heater which I don't need. The water out of the tap was running 78 degrees. I did treat the tank with AquaSafe. Will be letting it run for a while before adding the plants which won't be in for another 2 weeks, if I get all I asked for. Right now just have a printed background to cover up the wires.
Spent most of yesterday cleaning all the gravel for this one (25 pounds) plus 10 more pounds of gravel for my 3 gal Eclipse and 5 gal Mini-Bow betta tank.
The Python system was used to empty the tank in its temp location and to fill it in the new location. That system is really nice and it looks like it will save a lot of work. I may have to get a smaller gravel cleaner and siphon for the smaller tanks.
Right now, it looks sort of empty with no plants or fish. But we'll wait and get it conditioned before adding them.

Our aquarium filled and in its permanent location. It's in the living room but at the beginning of a hallway. I added an extention cord which is attached to the shelf I added in the back. Drip loops on all cords( heater, filter and light).

Here's a look at the front of the stand with the new added shelf. I'll be able to get most of my fish supplies in here including the 5 gal quarantine tank.
I added a free standing shelf to my aquarium stand. This is a photo of the back of it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here is the beginning of a new hobby and life long dream of owning an aquarium with tropical fish. This is an Aqueon 20 gallon long tank. This is a temporary set up for this new aquarium to check for leaks and to see what the evaporation rate will be.
I filled the tank today, water temp 78 degrees and pH 7.4-7.6. I have well water and live in northern Florida.
Later I'll empty the tank, add washed gravel, some rocks, plants and finally some fish. This whole process will take some 3-4 weeks as I go through the various steps with the help of my fish guru, Dawn, who lives in Wisconsin. Hope you will join me as I go through setting it up completely.