Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here's the little guy along the side of the tank. From this angle, it looks like there is 2 of him. Wonder what he sees?
Don't know what kind of betta he is yet.
Just found out he is a Veil Tail betta, known to be a hardy regular pet store betta. Only time will tell.
Keep your fingers crossed, we can hold on to this one.

Another photo of our new betta. Hope he begins to like his new home.
Well, we are trying for the third time on a betta. This time we got it from our local "bird" store which carries tropical fish. One thing different about this one, no name yet, is he wanted to eat right as soon as I got him in the 3 gal tank! He ate about 3 betta bites and mabe a flake or two. I was observing him after I put him in, and he was trying to eat some of the vegetation I had in there, so thought he might as well get some of the right food!

I found out he is a veil tail betta, a common fish store betta that is usually hardier than the more fancy type. Let's hope so.

The other two, that didn't make it, never seemed to want to eat. But this one sure did. Time will tell.
The first one didn't las 24 hours, the second one lasted about a week. So, we'll see what this guy does.

Well here is another photo of our new betta. Don't have a name for him yet.