Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another catch of the day, June 23, 2009. Our new female betta. Didn't know it was a female until after we got home and saw the name on the lid of the betta container which said female betta! Oh well, too late to take it back, pet shop over 37 miles one way. Our first betta, a male, died within 3 day of bringing it home several weeks ago. So, I guess we'll see how this one will do. So far, she seems to like her new home. It's in a 3 gal Eclipse.
Went fishing today, Jun 23, 2009, and here are 3 of the Glowlight tetras in the corner of my 5 gal bow tank. There is another one around somewhere, got 4 of them. These little guys are all over the place, darting here and there. When first put in the tank they quickly found some hiding places....a hollow log and a hollow barrel. Neither can be seen in this photo.

Here are 3 pictures of some guppies we added to our 20 gal long tank. You have to look pretty close as they are fairly small. Upper left, one is at the top middle. In bottom left, one is in front of the white stone. In the bottom right, we'll let you hunt!

We got 2 males and 2 females with one of the females about to give birth, according to the pet shop in Lake City, FL.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My 20 gal long tank with what live plants I have and artificial plants plus decorations. I added another 10 pounds of gravel. Now to wait until it cycles completely and it will be ready for some fish.

Here is my 5 gal mini bow tank all ready to go with both live plants and artificial ones. Now, to figure out what species of fish to put in this one.

Here's my betta tank with it's final layout with both live and artificial decorations. Added a bit more gravel and live floating plants. Now, to wait until I get a betta!