Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here are 3 pictures of some guppies we added to our 20 gal long tank. You have to look pretty close as they are fairly small. Upper left, one is at the top middle. In bottom left, one is in front of the white stone. In the bottom right, we'll let you hunt!

We got 2 males and 2 females with one of the females about to give birth, according to the pet shop in Lake City, FL.

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  1. Hi Donn! I see a female guppie with a clear tail and a female guppy with an orangish tale, but not male? And neither of these females are ready to pop--but both are pregnant.

    The tetras will regain more color and eat better as they calm down. Tetras are a bit more hyper and touchier about being moved. You have a nice little school going, tho.

    And a nice big female betta! You aren't planning on getting a male then, right? They did tell you that you shouldn't just put a pair together, didn't they? They will usually kill each other, too, if kept in the same confined space. Strange fish, eh?

    Good luck! You are off to a great start and your tanks look really nice! :)