Saturday, May 9, 2009

A closeup of the new aquarium just freshly filled. Have everything running except the heater which I don't need. The water out of the tap was running 78 degrees. I did treat the tank with AquaSafe. Will be letting it run for a while before adding the plants which won't be in for another 2 weeks, if I get all I asked for. Right now just have a printed background to cover up the wires.
Spent most of yesterday cleaning all the gravel for this one (25 pounds) plus 10 more pounds of gravel for my 3 gal Eclipse and 5 gal Mini-Bow betta tank.
The Python system was used to empty the tank in its temp location and to fill it in the new location. That system is really nice and it looks like it will save a lot of work. I may have to get a smaller gravel cleaner and siphon for the smaller tanks.
Right now, it looks sort of empty with no plants or fish. But we'll wait and get it conditioned before adding them.

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  1. Nice!! Yes--the Python goes too fast to be useful in a small tank, but it sure will be wonderful to have for your big one!! :)

    Can hardly wait to see when you get some live plants in! :)