Sunday, May 3, 2009

Here is the beginning of a new hobby and life long dream of owning an aquarium with tropical fish. This is an Aqueon 20 gallon long tank. This is a temporary set up for this new aquarium to check for leaks and to see what the evaporation rate will be.
I filled the tank today, water temp 78 degrees and pH 7.4-7.6. I have well water and live in northern Florida.
Later I'll empty the tank, add washed gravel, some rocks, plants and finally some fish. This whole process will take some 3-4 weeks as I go through the various steps with the help of my fish guru, Dawn, who lives in Wisconsin. Hope you will join me as I go through setting it up completely.


  1. I've had several aquariums... none at the moment and I do miss them! I'll be eager to hear what types of fish you are thinking about!

  2. Hi Donn! Mack T. Beans here (a Boston Terrier) and my mom saw your post on her Betta Splendens group e-mail, so she had me sniff on over and say hi!
    Mom is currently cycling a 5 gallon Marineland for a betta. But for her next birthday she is gonna get a 20 gallon - she wants pretty much what you have pictured here. Right now she is thinking about stocking it with guppies.
    BTW, my mom will be 44 her next birthday and she is BRAND new to the world of fishies too!
    See ya,